June 2017

Good evening friends.

Summer is here and it’s very hot indeed at the moment. 

June has been a busy month for us so far. The boy joined in a running race from Paris to Rotterdam so we helped him plan for it.

After three days of running, day and night, he and his team finally finished and came back home. We think he did ok but could have been faster.

Then the humans’ new sofa finally arrived and we were apparently not allowed on it. A stupid rule and one which we disregarded immediately.

The rest of our time this month has been spent being as helpful as ever. We helped the girl prepare her final presentation piece for a course…

We helped the boy prepare his car washing equipment…

We helped inspect the shopping bags…

We welcomed the insects into our new outdoor hotel (though they are reluctant to stay) … 

We also found time to help with the washing up too!

The flower in the background of this photo somehow ended up on the floor and we would like to make it clear that we know nothing about that particular incident. We are hoping it cools down soon and are having some chill out sessions in the sink until it does!  

See you in July! Love Bella and Esme xxx

May 2017

Good morning friends. All is well on Bankastraat this week.

It’s been a good week so far with just a few small incidents of trouble. One was for climbing into the fridge and licking a cauliflower:

Then the tulips somehow got out of their vase:

It wasn’t really our fault, we had good reason to remove them but the humans blamed us anyway and now the girl says she won’t buy anymore flowers. 

This is probably just because she is unwell though. The girl has had a relapse with her head injury and needs lots of sleep and rest again. We are watching over her and are taking this job very seriously.

We ensure one of us is always with her as she rests:

So far the recovery is going well and we are sure she’ll be better and able to buy new flowers for us to play with again soon.

Have lovely weeks. Love Bella and Esme xxx

A Week of Games

Good morning friends!

We hope you had a wonderful Easter and ate lots of chocolate! 

All is well on Bankastraat and we’ve had a week full of games which has been fun. We started by playing catch the pigeon…

But despite our best efforts to escape we couldn’t catch them so we moved onto playing ‘guess who’.

Then we had fun playing chase with an orange bottle-top.

Then we played with the tulips.

I got into trouble for stealing a tulip from the vase but Bella got into worse trouble when she stole a piece of bacon from the fridge!

Other than that it’s been a good week. We hope you have a lovely week wherever you are. 

Lots of love from Bella and Esme xxx

Spring is here

Good morning friends!

Spring has finally arrived and this week has been a peaceful one. The blossoms have arrived on the blossom tree and all is well on Bankastraat.

We have mainly been sleeping this week. I discovered that it’s fun to sleep on the wifi router…

The humans discovered that it’s fun to place silly postcards on us when we sleep…

And there was only a small amount of trouble to be had when we decorated the toilet room one day…

We made it up to them by helping to unpack the shopping – they couldn’t do it without us!

Have wonderful weekends! Love Bella and Esme xxx

Kitchen Help

Good morning everyone! We’ve been keeping an eye on Bankastraat as usual this week and are happy to report that all is well.

This week has mainly been a week of helpfulness in the kitchen department. The boy has to plan all his food and drink for the Roparun so we have been helping with that.

There are lots of documents for us to sit on and the boy was grateful for our help.

We also helped the girl wrap the sandwiches this week.

We made sure that the foil was nice and flat and ready for the bread – she was less grateful.  

Then it was time to pack the shopping away.

Again, we were on hand to help and ensured that everything ran smoothly and things were put in the correct places.

It’s been quite a busy week of kitchen helpfulness so we shall leave the humans to it this weekend and focus our attention on those irritating seagulls that keep flying past our windows!  

Running and Resting

Good evening friends. They finally finished the roadworks on Bankastraat so it was all ready in time for today’s race.

For some reason the humans are rather obsessed with running at the moment. They both ran in the 10k CPC Loop today. We watched it for a little while but found the endless stream of runners boring so eventually turned our backs on the whole tiresome event. 

The girl was very proud of her medal though and we were forced to be in the obligatory photos after she had finished. 

As if this wasn’t enough, the boy has now signed up for the Roparun too and intends on running from Paris to Rotterdam this summer.


(He’s the beardy one holding the sign)
We prefer the act of resting over running and have completed at least two resting marathons this week alone. 

We are natural ‘resters’ and should be awarded medals for our ability in this sport. 

In fact speaking of resting, we could do with some sleep now. Have a wonderful week. Love Bella and Esme xxx

A Busy Week

Good morning! All is well on Bankastraat and the orange men have finally finished putting in the bike lanes so things can now return to normal.

We have only been in trouble a few times this week. Once when Bella stole the girl’s snack bar…

Once when we dressed up in the boy’s trainers…

And once when we repeatedly lost our foil ball under the spare room door and meowed loudly until the humans returned it each time… (A great game!)

The humans have been quite well behaved and have been busy training for the CPC race next Sunday. They were only in trouble once when they rudely placed a mint tea on our scratching tower. I was most offended.

Apart from this error they have had quite a good week. The girl finally finished her first novel (it’s not very good as there’s still only 1 cat in it) and they have been out exploring the Mondriaan art exhibitions in The Hague.

They also went to a gig last night (which means they will be uselessly tired all week) and saw Amy Macdonald which they thought was pretty good.

Have a wonderful week! Love Bella and Esme xxx

A Quick Update

Good morning friends! The roadworks continue here on Bankastraat which is keeping us very busy.

There are so many things to keep an eye on and we’re pretty sure that the orange coated men put a drain in wrong yesterday – not that they bothered to listen to us.

The girl is on holiday so wants us to sit on the sofa with her while she reads but it’s just not possible at the moment. We must keep watch over our precious street.

We helped the boy to fix the Hoover the other day. He was very grateful for our help naturally and only got a little testy when Bella ran off with some screws.

We have only been in trouble once this week which is excellent for us. The girl has a strange rule about us not playing in the clothes washing basket but if she’s going to leave it open she really only has herself to blame…

She is going to the cat cafe with her friend Susan today and is very excited about it. We think it’s rather rude that she goes off to pet other kitties but we are totally in favour of a cafe that worships cats!

Have wonderful Wednesdays!

Love Bella and Esme xxx


Half Term Break

Good morning friends! Half term has finally arrived for the girl so she’s feeling very happy and is spending the morning in bed with coffee.

We are also here with her to ensure she doesn’t relax too much and fall back to sleep though.

This week has been a good week. All is well on Bankastraat and the diggers and road works have been great fun to watch. The humans also bought us an awesome new bouncy toy.

They let us play with it before bed time which wasn’t their best idea as we were really excited and couldn’t sleep for ages afterwards. On top of that they also gave Bella a new dice which is her favourite game ever! She spent all day sneaking up on it yesterday.

Unfortunately for us, both toys are now lost or broken so we’re back to scratching the curtains and the sofa. 

We have only been in trouble twice this week which is pretty good. Once was for pulling down the clean towels to sit on…

And the second time was when the girl discovered that we have been helping ourselves to her water at night.

In our defence, we didn’t know this cup of water was specially for humans. We thought it was a general night time cup for all of us to share from – apparently not. The humans have now replaced the cup with a water bottle so there is definitely no more sharing. 

Today we have a busy day of carefully observing the red digger outside the window. We shall report back when we have more news on this. 

Have a good weekend. Love Bella and Esme xxx

Snow Patrol

Good morning friends. 

There’s been a lot to see on Bankastraat this week and we have been very busy watching all the snow.

We carefully observed all week and eventually decided that we should investigate.

So the humans let us out onto the world’s smallest balcony. 

We investigated the snow for exactly 30 seconds before heading back inside. We like the snow but it’s much nicer to watch from the comfort of the indoors.

Apart from the snow, it’s been a quiet week. Bella has helped the humans keep their accounts in order…

And we waited patiently for the pizza man to arrive the other night…

Worst luck, we still didn’t get any though!

 Today we are back on snow patrol although I’m already a little sleepy…

Have a happy Wednesday. Love Bella and Esme x