All About Us…

We are Bella and Esme; The Bankastraat Cats of Den Haag.


We spend our days living in The Hague, observing the diverse and riveting happenings of Bankastraat and its surrounding area.


Surveying the outdoors takes up most of our time but we do also make time for other hobbies such as sleeping…



Looking adorable…


And helping the humans who live with us. There are two humans; Adam (the boy one) and Stefanie (the girl one).

The girl one thinks she is a writer (she is not – she is a teacher) so we are currently helping her finish her novel. At the moment it’s not very good. There’s only one cat in the story and we wouldn’t recommend you read it.


The boy one likes bikes and climbing so we often help out with repairs or demonstrations of climbing technique.

Welcome to our view of the world – we hope you enjoy it.

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