June 2017

Good evening friends.

Summer is here and it’s very hot indeed at the moment. 

June has been a busy month for us so far. The boy joined in a running race from Paris to Rotterdam so we helped him plan for it.

After three days of running, day and night, he and his team finally finished and came back home. We think he did ok but could have been faster.

Then the humans’ new sofa finally arrived and we were apparently not allowed on it. A stupid rule and one which we disregarded immediately.

The rest of our time this month has been spent being as helpful as ever. We helped the girl prepare her final presentation piece for a course…

We helped the boy prepare his car washing equipment…

We helped inspect the shopping bags…

We welcomed the insects into our new outdoor hotel (though they are reluctant to stay) … 

We also found time to help with the washing up too!

The flower in the background of this photo somehow ended up on the floor and we would like to make it clear that we know nothing about that particular incident. We are hoping it cools down soon and are having some chill out sessions in the sink until it does!  

See you in July! Love Bella and Esme xxx


8 thoughts on “June 2017

  1. Thank you for your “June Report” ladies. As always you are so VERY helpful to your humans even though you may not always get recognition for your efforts. We work so hard to earn our keep but rarely do we get the proper credit! Not fair!

    Hugs, Teddy

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