Kitchen Help

Good morning everyone! We’ve been keeping an eye on Bankastraat as usual this week and are happy to report that all is well.

This week has mainly been a week of helpfulness in the kitchen department. The boy has to plan all his food and drink for the Roparun so we have been helping with that.

There are lots of documents for us to sit on and the boy was grateful for our help.

We also helped the girl wrap the sandwiches this week.

We made sure that the foil was nice and flat and ready for the bread – she was less grateful.  

Then it was time to pack the shopping away.

Again, we were on hand to help and ensured that everything ran smoothly and things were put in the correct places.

It’s been quite a busy week of kitchen helpfulness so we shall leave the humans to it this weekend and focus our attention on those irritating seagulls that keep flying past our windows!  


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