Running and Resting

Good evening friends. They finally finished the roadworks on Bankastraat so it was all ready in time for today’s race.

For some reason the humans are rather obsessed with running at the moment. They both ran in the 10k CPC Loop today. We watched it for a little while but found the endless stream of runners boring so eventually turned our backs on the whole tiresome event. 

The girl was very proud of her medal though and we were forced to be in the obligatory photos after she had finished. 

As if this wasn’t enough, the boy has now signed up for the Roparun too and intends on running from Paris to Rotterdam this summer.


(He’s the beardy one holding the sign)
We prefer the act of resting over running and have completed at least two resting marathons this week alone. 

We are natural ‘resters’ and should be awarded medals for our ability in this sport. 

In fact speaking of resting, we could do with some sleep now. Have a wonderful week. Love Bella and Esme xxx


6 thoughts on “Running and Resting

    • Which is our baseball team!? We’re glad to know we have one but it’s not really a big thing in Europe. Maybe we should give it a try!


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