A Busy Week

Good morning! All is well on Bankastraat and the orange men have finally finished putting in the bike lanes so things can now return to normal.

We have only been in trouble a few times this week. Once when Bella stole the girl’s snack bar…

Once when we dressed up in the boy’s trainers…

And once when we repeatedly lost our foil ball under the spare room door and meowed loudly until the humans returned it each time… (A great game!)

The humans have been quite well behaved and have been busy training for the CPC race next Sunday. They were only in trouble once when they rudely placed a mint tea on our scratching tower. I was most offended.

Apart from this error they have had quite a good week. The girl finally finished her first novel (it’s not very good as there’s still only 1 cat in it) and they have been out exploring the Mondriaan art exhibitions in The Hague.

They also went to a gig last night (which means they will be uselessly tired all week) and saw Amy Macdonald which they thought was pretty good.

Have a wonderful week! Love Bella and Esme xxx


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