Half Term Break

Good morning friends! Half term has finally arrived for the girl so she’s feeling very happy and is spending the morning in bed with coffee.

We are also here with her to ensure she doesn’t relax too much and fall back to sleep though.

This week has been a good week. All is well on Bankastraat and the diggers and road works have been great fun to watch. The humans also bought us an awesome new bouncy toy.

They let us play with it before bed time which wasn’t their best idea as we were really excited and couldn’t sleep for ages afterwards. On top of that they also gave Bella a new dice which is her favourite game ever! She spent all day sneaking up on it yesterday.

Unfortunately for us, both toys are now lost or broken so we’re back to scratching the curtains and the sofa. 

We have only been in trouble twice this week which is pretty good. Once was for pulling down the clean towels to sit on…

And the second time was when the girl discovered that we have been helping ourselves to her water at night.

In our defence, we didn’t know this cup of water was specially for humans. We thought it was a general night time cup for all of us to share from – apparently not. The humans have now replaced the cup with a water bottle so there is definitely no more sharing. 

Today we have a busy day of carefully observing the red digger outside the window. We shall report back when we have more news on this. 

Have a good weekend. Love Bella and Esme xxx


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