More roadworks on Bankastraat

Good morning!

We continue to keep watch over our lovely Bankastraat on this dark and cold week.

The roadworks outside are still in progress and are right up against our front door now!

We are still not allowed to go outside and explore though which is annoying.

I ate my breakfast high up on the side this morning (where I like it) and the humans had an argument because the boy thinks I should eat on the floor with Bella but the girl understands my need to eat on the kitchen side. They always disagree about this so I like it best when the girl feeds me.

Bella got quite protective over a box of eggs this morning.

She was doing a really good job of guarding them and continued even when the boy started to cook his breakfast.

The humans seem to be having a good week. They are complaining about the state of their ‘climbing hands’ but then they do insist on climbing!

The girl received some lovely flowers from a parent at school so that has made her very happy.

And the boy met the grumpy cat at the pet store where they buy our litter which made him happy.

All in all a good week so far!

Have a happy Thursday! Bella and Esme xxx


4 thoughts on “More roadworks on Bankastraat

  1. whitefish waves two ewe B & E….anda happee thurzday two all ….yur peepulz R rite when they say ewe shuld knot venture out a doorz rite now…two manee noizee masheenz…. N they just mite put ya ta werk ~~~~~

    we canna bee leeve how big ewe both R now !! and ya look gorgeouz two ~~~~ ♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

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