Radiators & Vampires

Good afternoon friends! 

This week the weather is still freezing so we have continued to live on the radiators. 

The girl has been her usual geeky self by attending some education research conference where she bought yet more books about teaching. She’s obviously not very good at her job as she’s always trying to learn more about it, poor thing.

The boy helped remedy her geeky-ness by taking her to a Dropkick Murphys gig. 

They both seemed happy about this. We were not as it meant we were alone for an entire evening – inconvenient. 

The boy also made his own stock cubes this week which was fun until he refused to share them with us.

In other news, I have been in trouble twice for a) pulling on the strings of the girl’s apron whilst she was cooking:

And b) cleaning personal areas of my body on her new Shabbies handbag:

She’s particularly sensitive about her Shabbies items. We’re not allowed to scratch the boots, the bag or the purse. Most unfair. 

We ended the week by watching the film that we were named after last night. 

I am apparently named after a mummy vampire and Bella is named after a girl who falls in love with a vampire. It was quite a good film with lots of biting and running around in it. 

Time for a nap now. We hope you all have lovely weekends. Love Bella and Esme x


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