It’s Cold Outside!

Good afternoon friends and a very belated ‘Happy New Year’ to you all!

This week we have mainly been observing Bankastraat from the comfort of the bedroom radiators (and the humans’ clean washing).


It’s so frightfully cold outside that the Dutchies are all wandering about on their frozen canals!


We, on the other paw, are not moving from our radiators and may have taken on a little extra weight over the Christmas period due to our lack of movement.

The humans are also looking a bit porky at the moment and are busy running and climbing in an effort to shape up. The boy has recently discovered De Uithof bouldering wall so is spending lots of his time clambering around there. He tries his best but he’s still not as good as us.


The girl has joined her work place band this week which may sound cool but she actually plays the flute and is the dorky looking one with glasses.


Our favourite moment of the week so far was when the humans purchased new bedding and we dived on to pluck the hell out of it – it’s now looking much more loved.


Have good evenings everyone. Love Bella and Esme xxx


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