Bella’s Turn at The Vets

Good evening friends!

Bella fell off our cat tower the other night and managed to dislocate her pinky toe.

The humans were thrilled as they got to call the emergency vets and pay hundreds of Euros to get someone to see her and do x-rays and things.

Bella was apparently much braver than me at the vets but she was quite sad and quiet after the vet put her toe back into place.

The humans brought her home and gave her a special towel to sleep on and fed her the best meat. 

She found it hard to walk with her bandage on though and decided that the only place she wanted to rest was next to the boy’s feet.

They humans fussed her all evening and then put on an expensive, soft collar they had bought to stop Bella chewing at her bandage in the night time.

After all the fuss and the €350 vet’s trip Bella suddenly felt fine though and decided to remove her bandage the very next morning.

This just goes to show how strong and brave she is. 

She carried her bandage around with her for a while which seemed to annoy the humans.

They decided she no longer needed the soft collar which we overheard the boy calling ‘useless’ and she was really happy as it meant she could start jumping around properly again.

She is now fully recovered and enjoying sleeping on the tea-towels again. 

Good evening. Love Bella and Esme xxx


6 thoughts on “Bella’s Turn at The Vets

  1. Oh Bella, really sorry to hear about your little escapade! Purdey is just as wide-eyed as you when she has to go to the vet. I hope that it didn’t hurt too much and I’m very glad to hear that you’re feeling better now! Brave girl! Lots of purrs to you lovely girls!

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  2. Wow ! Glad it was “just” your pinky toe. How hard was it to repoistion such a tiny kitty toe – and did you get something for the pain ? I have had dislocated fingers repositioned and that wasn’t fun AND I knew why they were doing what they were doing. Good to hear you have lost the wrap and the cone and are you and Esme are back to your usual ways.

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  3. bella….ow……we iz sorree ya had two go two de place oh eeeevil N sorree bout yur toe; we iz buzzed happee tho yur doin lotz better !!! YAY !! we wood like ta send sum greetingz yur way for ewe, esme N yur peepulz ~~~~~~

    a trout filled Christmas
    a mackerull new yeer two
    health N happee nezz in de brand new yeer
    frum all oh uz two ewe

    with hugs N loves
    boomer, dai$y, tuna
    & dude & sauce two


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