Helpful as Always

Good evening friends! As usual, it’s been a week of helpfulness from us. We met the boy human’s family at the weekend and were on our best behaviour for that before knuckling down to help keep the house in order.

To begin with, Bella helped protect an egg box which the humans had carelessly left on the kitchen side. 

She protected it even when the humans returned to take it and refused to move until she was dragged away.

She was an excellent help. 

Later in the week I helped to clean the bathroom sink.

I was doing a great job and Bella also came to help at one point. The humans were very grateful for our help, especially as we left it sparkly clean with extra fur effect.

Tonight we both helped the humans with their cooking. They kept putting us on the floor and spraying the side with cleaner which made it difficult but we persevered none the less.

All in all the meal was a great success and was only hindered when the humans got confused and put us out of the kitchen. 

In other news, Bella has taken to wearing the girl human’s neck warmer and looks rather fetching in it. I might buy her one for Christmas. 

Have lovely weekends! Bella and Esme xxx


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