Boxes and Bags

Good morning friends! It’s been an excellent week full of boxes and bags for us! 

I started the week by helping the girl human pack her school bag and then moved on to trying to get into her handbag.

I was almost there too but she pulled me out most unfairly. 

Then there was the pink, stripy bag of fun.

That was Bella’s favourite. 

Then, on top of all the excellent bag fun the humans made us a Disney land of boxes!

The only tiny bit of trouble came during the bed-making time. 

I like to sleep in the bottom corner of the bed and refuse to move when the humans make it up. The lump at the front of the picture above is me.

I don’t have a problem with this but the humans don’t like it and always insist on moving me.

It’s really quite annoying but all in all its been an excellent week! Have a good day everyone, love Bella and Esme xx


7 thoughts on “Boxes and Bags

  1. Oh fun! So many things to explore…..your Box Disneyland is super cool – I hope you get to keep it for a while before it goes to the bin! As for sleeping on the EDGE of the bed – I should think you’re well out of the way of humans big feet and that spot you like SHOULD be available for you……remind your humans that it’s proper to SHARE……that includes the bed!

    Hugs, Sammy

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