Saving the Day as Usual!

Good morning friends! Today started like any other day. I woke up from a delightful nap in the human’s dressing gown but was then alerted to a dangerous item by Bella who was meowing her head off! 

She tried to warn the girl human but she took no notice and told Bella off for scratching her jeans (she’s not the brightest).

Eventually I got up to investigate and was horrified by what I found.

An extremely dangerous yellow box had been left by the kitchen bin. Bella was already at work destroying it and spotting the potential damage it could cause, I quickly joined in.

Between us we managed to destroy the offensive thing, thus saving the humans from almost certain death.

The girl human was so proud of our heroic efforts that she photographed our epic moment and rewarded us with chicken treats!

Just another day of keeping our humans safe. 

Love Bella and Esme xxx


10 thoughts on “Saving the Day as Usual!

  1. Good for you girls! You’ve saved your humans and yourselves from the dangerous egg crate – they are crafty and sneaky and certainly would have caused injury or worse and I’m glad your human realized that and rewarded you appropriately! Maybe you are FINALLY being appreciated??

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. B & E;

    CHCKN TREETZ !!!! ewe save de day, de houz hold & de hoomanz
    & ewe get CHCKN TREETZ ???!!!!! faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….what a bout filet o sole, shrimp on de bar bee, cash monee, steak well done….CHCNK TREETZ !!! ???


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