The Humans Return…

Happy Thursday everyone! 

Our dirt-bag humans finally came back from their holiday so we spent a week punishing them by a) shredding absolutely everything in sight:

And b) ignoring them under the curtains:

Since their punishment we are pleased to report that they have been on their best behaviour, feeding us only the good brands and remembering that we are in charge. 

I almost managed to escape earlier in the week too which was exciting but the girl human dragged me back in and shut the window. Better luck next time:

The humans are moaning a lot about their sleeping space at the moment. They are remembering that we are in charge but they are still complaining about space. 

Apparently we take up too much room at night time:

And in the morning the girl human says she does not enjoy our fighting displays and claims they spoil her morning coffee:

It’s all nonsense of course; who wouldn’t enjoy watching one of our excellent wrestling matches!? 

Have wonderful days everyone! 

Love Bella and Esme xxx


6 thoughts on “The Humans Return…

  1. Hi girls! Glad your wayward humans returned – didn’t they bring you any GIFTS???? I think you will probably have to retrain them to appreciate all the helpful things you do around there…..paper shredding, curtain hiding, attempted escapes, hogging the bed at night……you are their “entertainment source” and I think they should appreciate that!

    Hugs, Sammy

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