Where can we sleep?

Good morning friends!

It’s that time of year again! The summer holidays are here and as girl-woman is a teacher she will be waiting on us for the next six weeks. We like the attention and it’s useful to have a full time servant around to be honest. 

We have only just recently forgiven her for the tram-stop-cat incident.

This ginger beast is a very smug cat who thinks he is better than everyone else. Unlike us, he is allowed outside all over The Hague and he sleeps in tram stops. We do not like him. 

We were therefore enraged to see a photo of our girl-woman giving him attention!

Disgraceful. She smelled funny afterwards and we ignored her for a whole day. She was very sorry and told us that tram-stop-cat was no where near as beautiful as us – obviously!

Anyway, all is now forgiven and she gave us our favourite catnip mice as an extra sorry. 

Those are good mice!

Since then we have been rather sleepy but have struggled to find a place to rest.

We were sleepy on the unmade bed but were told this was not allowed.

We were sleepy in the tumble dryer – also not allowed.

We tried to get forty winks on the ironing board until girl-woman said that was not allowed either.

We felt sleepy on boy-man’s flip flops which girl-woman didn’t mind but he said he had an issue with the scratch marks we keep leaving on his stuff so this wasn’t allowed in the end.

To compromise, we moved from his flip flops to his shorts and undies whilst he showered – our favourite sleeping place!

As per usual – this wasn’t allowed! It’s getting harder and harder to find a place to sleep! 

We are currently searching for a new location and will let you know if we find one!

Have super Mondays. Love Bella and Esme xxx


16 thoughts on “Where can we sleep?

  1. I was just thinking about you two this morning and wondering if I’d missed some adventures. .I’ll have to and catch up. Remember, cuteness goes a long way to snagging the best sleeping spots. So it must be irresistible and requires a serous committed to adorability.

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  2. Gosh……what about your usual spots like on top of the radiator or those great boxes you girls had? I suppose they are also off limits? I don’t suppose you’d use a actual kitty cat bed or two would you? I know the BEST spots are the ones that humans do not want us to use but we are CATS – We RULE! Claim your space ladies !

    Hugs, Sammy

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    • The boxes have sadly been removed Sammy. Bella has taken to shredding them and the humans call this ‘messy’. I suppose we could use the giant cat bed or even the arm chair they bought for us but we really like boy-man’s clothes best. We will continue our fight! X

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      • Good for you girls! Box-shredding can lead to a trip to the garbage for our beloved boxes….it’s hard to resist the shred though isn’t it. I used to love lying on my Dad’s clothes (both the dirty ones and the clean ones he’d leave out on the bed) until he decided removing my hair was too much trouble to go through! You girls stick to your fight – you WILL win……we almost always do!

        Hugs, Sammy

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  3. B & E…..purrhapz ewe can get sum add vize frum tram stop cat…due knot bee two hastee in diz mizzin him frum yur thoughtz !!! { plus keep in mind… at sum poin…t both boy man and girl woman WILL leeve de houz two gether…. then itz game on !! 🙂 ♥♥♥

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  4. Dear me ! It’s a wonder you two ever get any sleep ! Such fussy humans ! Although they may have a point about not wanting you in the dryer.
    Don’t be too quick to dismiss the Ginger Beast. If one of you falls out the window (as has happened before) you may need an ally !

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  5. MOL…keep trying girls…they will soften up like butter. They need to get you each your own baskets. Kali and I each have a basket. They are on the love seat and theirs nowhere for anyone else to sit…Just the way we like it.


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