Helpful as Usual!

Good evening friends! 

We have been helping our humans lots this week and are pleased to report that they are beginning to show a little more gratitude. 

We started by helping both humans to pack their work bags.

The next night we helped boy-man to eat his cheese sandwich.

He wasn’t totally grateful for this but he was definitely less flappy and shouty than usual which is a step in the right direction.

Poor boy-man. He is very busy with his work at the moment. He has lots of important pictures to draw and has even had to bring some home to work on. We inspected them and gave him some much needed advice of course. He seemed pleased to have our support, especially as the girl-woman was sleeping. 

We didn’t want to leave girl-woman out so we made sure to help her with the washing she was drying.

She rewarded us with some strange, pink fruit that turned out to be quite tasty!

And our best act of kindness so far this week? We helped the humans plan their hiking trip!

We are pretty excited about the hiking trip to be honest. We’ve never been hiking so it should be fun! 

Have a good week everyone, love Bella and Esme xxx


9 thoughts on “Helpful as Usual!

  1. They do appreciate you two girls! Lo and behold a great week. Hiking is pretty tiring, mom says, so pack lots of tuna and water for the trip. I don’t like suitcases…means mom and dad are going to leave again and I don’t want to go with them. They should always be at home with me.



  2. How nice that you’ve been your usual HELPFUL selves! I’m sure they really appreciate the assistance planning their hiking trip but are you SURE you want to go? It’s hot, dirty, uncomfortable, and tiring and you COULD stay home and have the apartment ALLLLLLLLL to yourselves if you didn’t go along. Think about it…’s not a bad alternative – they MIGHT make you carry a backpack (not fun!).

    Love, Sammy

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