A Week of Ingratitude

Good evening friends!

We have spent the week being extra, super helpful to our humans but have sadly received the usual ingratitude. 

On Monday girl-woman had an extremely important presentation to make. All her bosses were going to be there and she was very nervous. We therefore showed our support on Sunday evening by hosting an all-night-stay-awake! We scratched and meowed our sympathy and support for girl-woman all night long. She was rather ungrateful to be honest though and we don’t think we shall bother again. We forfeited a whole night’s sleep for her and all she did was make sarcastic comments about how it was ok for us to sleep in the day. 

We have been helpful in many other ways this week too but the humans were not at all grateful.

We helped with yoga practice:

We tried to help with Lego building but were removed from the room for no reason:

We found and removed a dangerous looking item of string which girl-woman wanted to use on a gift:

We helped the humans to pack their climbing bag and they now (most unfairly) blame us for the mysterious disappearance of the purple chalk bag:

We reminded the humans that they shouldn’t eat TV dinners too regularly:

We found a way to get into the new wardrobe to check on the clothes:

We sat next to boy-man’s finished Lego model for artistic effect and got removed from the room yet again for no reason:

And on top of all this we were on hand to investigate the strange coloured box that suddenly appeared on the kitchen side:

We correctly judged it to be dangerous and destroyed it quickly to keep everyone safe.

Did we receive any thanks for any of this? No! The humans actually seemed annoyed by some of our ‘helps’ and we are having to rise above their ignorance and lead by example. 

They have been very busy congratulating girl-woman on having not drunk alcohol for a year. This is in no way impressive. We have not drunk alcohol since we were born but did we get taken to the beach for non-alcoholic cocktails? No! 

It is apparently only impressive for humans to not drink. As usual, no recognition is given to cats; none of whom drink. Typical!

We shall continue our helpfulness (it’s what we do best after all) and hope that the humans learn to say thank you a little more. 

Night for now friends! Bella and Esme xxx


11 thoughts on “A Week of Ingratitude

  1. Dear Bella and Esme. I completely sympathize with you! Those humans of yours just don’t understand do they? Keep up the good work though and eventually you will receive the heartfelt thanks you deserve

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  2. B & E……we iz crackin UP !!! awesum post two day…N speekin oh awesum, 984 paws up to girl woman… on bee in al coe hall free fora yeer !! YAY ….thatz total lee grate ☺☺☺ N speekin oh grate, GRATE job killin that funkee thing that waz on yur kitshun taybull…it spelled monsturr ta uz N ewe all noe how good we spell !!!!!!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥ happee nite ~~~~~~~

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  3. The humans have plum reached the peak of rudeness. After all the maneuvers you two have made to get with the program and help them get ahead….nothing! No treats or extra pets. I am tempted to write a letter to their Member of Parliament and tell him how daft these folks really are.


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  4. Well I find this to be desperately SAD but very TYPICAL for you two girls to have been so very helpful for a whole week and not to be appreciated in any way for your efforts. I especially think the destruction of the mysterious colored box was appropriate – it could have been a small bomb and you were able to defuse it by pulling out most of the combustible material! BRAVO! Also proud of you for finding a way into the new wardrobe – I think your humans thought you’d not figure that out but they YET AGAIN underestimated your determination! One day they will realize how HELPFUL you two are and I hope you are suitably rewarded…………finally.

    Hugs, Sammy

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