A Stressful Week

Good evening friends! 

It’s been a week of two, rather stressful halves so far.

Early on in the week a man with a large, watery brush tried to break into the house. We’ve seen him before; he seems to try to get in every six weeks or so whilst pretending to clean windows. Luckily for the humans we were around to scare him away!

After defending the entire house and sending him on his way we had a few days of rest before the next trauma occurred.

Boy-man suddenly took a day off mid-week so we knew something was up. Then lots of scary looking boxes were delivered by some rather loud men. I was so offended that I took myself off to hide behind the bikes.

Bella was feeling braver and immediately began to investigate the boxes.

She quickly figured out that the boxes were actually a closet which our English humans call a ‘wardrobe’ and she immediately offered to help boy-man with the project.

She was half way through explaining the instructions to him when he very rudely said she couldn’t possibly help and locked us both in a tiny space! 

We were both completly shocked by his rudeness! We hadn’t even begun to help with all the small screws and bolts! Instead, we were shut into the living room which we would estimate to be around 1m squared or something. We barely had room to breath! The humans put our litter tray and food in with us but even so it was a definite case of animal cruelty.

Just look at the lack of space. Disgusting; a complete violation of our rights! I was forced to sit haughtily upon our scratching post and Bella took the screaming and scratching at the door job.

It was a long couple of hours and when we were finally released from our tiny prison this is what we found.

This ugly, human-built monstrosity has taken up a lot of space in the dressing room. It also has the human clothes hidden inside it making it almost impossible for us to redesign them. 

Our new mission in life is to get inside and ensure there are some kitty alterations added to the general design.

The humans are in disgrace for the time being and will remain so until they have apologised and provided us with bacon gifts. 

Have a lovely weekend! We shall spend ours punishing the humans. Love Bella and Esme xxx


14 thoughts on “A Stressful Week

  1. Well girls, again you are subjected to undue amounts of stress in the name of something for the HUMANS vs. some fun game or bit of furniture meant for YOU. The mirror feature might be fun though – give that a try……and I have no doubt you WILL figure out how to get in the wardrobe eventually! Bravo for protecting the apartment from that guy with the water trying to get in. I hope you got extra treats for defending the domain?????

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. Ahh kitties, what a good thing you were there to ward off the man with the watery brush. But then to have to contend with imprisonment in such a small claustrophobic space! Well, it’s just rude. And how ungrateful of boy-human to spurn your offers of assistance in putting up the wardrobe. Really! When will these humans realise your worth. Have a haughty weekend xxx

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  3. I really cannot believe your humans turned down your offers of help and actually confined you both in a rather large lounge room. What a disgrace! I just know they will eventually forget to close that wardrobe door someday and then…..payback! Meanwhile stay alert! I hope you get lots of treats. 😀

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  4. This is TOTALLY unacceptable. I mean, locking you in a jail cell after you protected your family from that intruder masquerading as a window cleaner and after you offered to sort the nuts and bolts from the latest peep project? And now you can’t even redesign your peeps’ clothes? MOUSES!

    Might I suggest a sit-in? Perhaps a lie-in? On some clean laundry that has not yet made it into that wardrobe? purrs


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  5. The horrors! Will they ever end? The things our humans make us endure. You should stop by our blog and pick up a copy of The Universal Bill of Rights for All Cats and post it on that closet door. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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