A Most Excellent Week!

Good evening friends! It’s been an excellent week here in The Hague. 

We’ve only been in trouble one time for emptying some rubbish bags but it was really the human’s fault as they’d left a very accessible bag out so they didn’t get too angry.

Since then we didn’t get into any trouble which made a nice change.

We started the week by trying to scare away the pigeons from outside the bedroom window.

They’re so annoying! There are two of them. Big, fat pigeons who just sit there all morning. They’re driving us crazy!

We didn’t manage to get rid of them but then a shoe box arrived on the dressing room table so Bella quickly claimed it! 

The humans accepted this and let her have the box near our scratching post. Shortly after this, boy-man got some new hiking boots.

We helped him to put them on and he rewarded us with his shoe box.

Not one but two shoe boxes in one week! 

And as if that wasn’t good enough, we then got a new Formula 1 flag to help us support our Dutch driving hero, Max Verstappen! 

Our scratching post area is now looking really awesome! 

After the flag gift we also got given a tennis ball which we are loving!

The only slightly nerve wracking element to this week was the very tiny human that appeared for an hour at one point.

She was very squeaky and proddy and seemed quite keen to touch us. I ran straight under the kitchen counter and stayed there but Bella felt braver and got quite close to her.

We are not entirely sure how we feel about the tiny human yet but are happy for her to visit again. 

We ended the week with a BBQ. Boy-man was very mean at first and wouldn’t let us go outside with him.

After pulling sad faces and meowing a lot, he finally opened the door and we had to stay on our best behaviour to keep it open.

Yes, all in all, it’s been a great week! 

Hope you guys all have good weeks 🙂

Love Bella & Esme xxx


6 thoughts on “A Most Excellent Week!

  1. What an epic week for you girls! Shoeboxes, flags, cookouts, tennis balls……truly a BONANZA! As for the tiny human – they are adorable…..they sometimes like to pull tails so it pays not to get TOO close!

    Love, Sammy

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