Rules we are Ignoring

Good morning friends!

We’ve had a very busy week ignoring human rules. 

Firstly they decided that we should not play on the bed once it is made – nonsense!

The bed is an excellent kitten play area so we immediately disregarded this rule.

Then they said that kittens could not share the special, expensive English fudge. Again, a silly rule rule which we ignored.

Finally, they really upset Bella by saying that she was no longer allowed to steal and play with the yellow, fun sticks that they call tampons! 

This was particularly unfair as it’s one of Bella’s favourite pastimes.

We have never seen the humans play with them so can’t understand why they’re being so mean. Why else would you have little, yellow fun sticks other than to play with them? They’re quite obviously kitten toys!

Bella is not accepting this rule either but the humans have moved the sticks to a new location making them harder to find now.

We think they felt guilty about this as they did finally give us the dried fishy heads.

We don’t like them at all to eat but they are fun to flick around and hide about the house.

This freaks the humans out as the fishy heads are quite smelly and they don’t like it if they find them on the sofa or under the bed. They’ve almost found them all now but we still have a few hidden away waiting to freak them out – it’s good to punish them sometimes for all their silly rules. 

Have wonderful weekends everyone! 

Love Bella and Esme xxx


11 thoughts on “Rules we are Ignoring

  1. You girls are very good at ignoring rules and punishing your humans! BRAVO! The yellow tampon stealing especially……they do look like fun toys…..Same for the fudge EXCEPT kitties shouldn’t have chocolate (oh dear – another rule…well this is for your health!)…………..but best of all – those hidden fish heads – what a great treat that will be when your humans have to try and find where the stinkies are coming from! Tee Hee

    Rock on girls….happy weekend
    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. How clever you two are at repurposing items from their intended use – a sign of pure genius, really. But – and I realize I’m speaking for two continents here (at least) – I think I can state without fear of contradiction that you two are the first to ever call those yellow items ” FUN sticks.”

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  3. That video made me laugh out loud! Clearly those things are Kitty Toys. I loved the way you peeked behind the door in an early part of the video.You guys are hilarious and well done hiding the fishy treats, Your staff must be kept on their toes. ❤

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  4. What weird peeps you live with girls. They seem a little simple but simple is good. You can fool simple folk a lot. I like that you are hiding the smelly fish heads. We would hide them too…we don’t like fish.

    Shoko and Kali

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