A Misunderstanding…  

Good evening friends. 

After four long days of abandonment, we had finally decided that our new human would be Nathan-boy. We were pleased with our decision but events changed and we never got chance to tell him. 

Nathan has looked after us a few times now and he looks about the right age to be living on his own. He already had the key to our place and we were pretty sure he would buy us a Shetland pony too. What could possibly go wrong? 

Our humans – that’s what! They returned from their stupid Frenchy trip on Sunday evening and we glared at them long and hard.

But…. it turns out that they actually only went to Frenchy land to get some gifts for us!

Girl-woman apologised immediately and explained that they had just wanted to buy us some special squeaky mice and tasty dried fish heads. They had tried to get them in Holland but had had to drive all the way to France to find them. 

This is exactly the level of dedication we expect in our humans so we decided to forgive them. The whole thing was just a misunderstanding. Plus they let us play outside on the balcony which we love!

We have made it very clear that we must be informed of all gift-collecting travel arrangements in the future and that they should be sanctioned by us before they go ahead. 

The humans have agreed and boy-man even gave us real cream to show how sorry he was.

Sadly, we haven’t yet tried the dried fishies as boy-man doesn’t like it when we breathe fishy kitten breaths on him at night time. He is going to let us have them on Saturday morning so we’ll let you know how they taste. We will also make sure to breathe all over him for not giving them to us straight away.

Anyway, our humans are back, we are back in charge and life is as it should be!

Have wonderful days! Lots of love, Bella and Esme xxx


14 thoughts on “A Misunderstanding…  

  1. What dedication! You forgave them so quickly. They could have told you they were scanning gifts fit for their queens. I like Nathan….he seems a little small for a human though. Glad you two worked out the problem.


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    • We did forgive them quickly. In fairness they had done the whole trip just for us. Perhaps we forgave them too quickly though!?


  2. Such a happy resolution ! I would keep Nathan as a back-up, however, This is Disaster Preparedness Month and you never know.
    We have lots of Friskies brand products here in the US but I have not found their Dried Fish Heads yet. Perhaps I am not shopping at the most expensive shoppes !

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  3. It is always good to have staff in reserve. Don’t let Nathan go all together. He looks like a very strong and handsome human and they can be very useful! So glad you got lovely gifts and be sure to make lots of fishy breaths on your peeps. (they will appreciate it) ❤

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  4. Ohhhhh! I see……they abandoned you so they could buy fun stuff for you? And you believe that do you? OK……well…..if you girls are OK with that “sketchy” excuse then fine. Those mousies are probably a lot of fun and a fish head? Who could possibly NOT like a fish head?! Too bad boy-man doesn’t like the fishy smell but fish DOES smell like fish after all!! I’m glad all is forgiven and your family is reunited – until next time anyway!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  5. Haha, always love your posts, Bella and Esme! So glad that there was a happy ending! You see, your humans love you after all! Love all your photos. Aggh, the fishy breath! Ultimate weapon. PS. Purdey is a little bit partial to some dairy products as well. 🙂

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