New Humans Required…

You are not going to believe this friends but the humans went to France WITHOUT US!!! 

We are so unimpressed right now.

New York Gill and Nathan-boy are looking after us which is all going very well but we wanted to be part of the Frenchy trip!

We are behaving for New York Gill and eating all our food (after all it’s not her fault) but we have decided that enough is enough. We will not forgive them this time. 

To add further insult the humans have actually posted pictures of themselves looking happy in France!

Disgusting! They are probably making friends with French cats too! 

We have a severe case of kitten rage and now need to find new humans. 
So, if you know of any decent humans that want to take two perfect kittens home then we are open to offers. We need:

  • Access to all areas of the home
  • No other pets
  • Outside space
  • No silly rules
  • Regular bacon, ham and chicken treats
  • Hugs and strokes whenever we demand them
  • To be taken on all holidays
  • Two thirds of your bed space for sleeping
  • A Shetland pony

Whatever happens we are most certainly not forgiving the humans this time! 

Lots of love from the rather rageful Bella and Esme xxxx


28 thoughts on “New Humans Required…

  1. You poor traumatized kittens! I had this horrible feeling that your humans had no intention of taking you along on this trip and instead, leaving you behind to feel deserted and sad. At least they have some substitute humans taking care of you so you don’t starve. I hope you get a lot of applications for replacement humans – as adorable as you two are I should think there would be lots of interest. That final photo CERTAINLY will get you more applications – the crossed paws/winsome look wins them over every time! The photos make it look like your humans are having fun – that is not acceptable!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. Oh dear, I am so sorry but I cannot be your new human ! I meet most of the conditions except:
    1) There are 12 other cats and 2 dogs here
    2) I never go on holiday (see #1 above)
    3) I cannot provide a Shetland Pony (see # 1 above)
    Otherwise you would be most welcome, except that
    4) I live in Ohio, Us of A

    On the other hand, your humans may return from France missing you terribly, and may bring treats and toys beyond your wildest dreams ! (Don’t get your hopes up about the pony, though.)

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    • The US of A sounds quite tempting Mary and we like the sound of your home. We can manage without the pony and can share with 12 other kitties but not the dogs. If you get rid of those we will add you to our ‘possible’ pile 😊 X


  3. That is just not good enough, Bella and Esme! Imagine going to France without you and then sending you photos! Sacrebleu! Do not waste any more time, mes amies. I would love to be your new human. I don’t meet all the requirements because I already have a little cat, but you would have free access to all the house – ah, erm, except Colin’s studio, which is banned (Purdey would help you get in). No Shetland pony either, but there are deer in the woods. On the other hand, you could wait and see what wonderful presents your humans bring you back from Paris? I’ve heard they have good cheese.

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    • We’re glad you understand Jo! We shall indeed see what they bring back and see how sorry they are first. We think we would get on well with Purdey though – we’ve seen pictures of her and she’s very pretty! Three kitties is a good number as well. We would definitely need access to Colin’s studio though. That’s really non negotiable. 😊 x

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  4. I cannot believe they didn’t take you!!! When they return, make sure you treat them with utter disdain. Pull the old “please pet me now I’m going to claw you” trick and pee in their suitcases to show them the error of their ways. I hope they bring you back some Frenchy treats and toys. Not that that will make this abandonment forgivable….

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  5. New York Gill and Nathan boy are taking their responsibilities very seriously, Esme and Bella. They were delighted when you ate all food and biscuits. Nathan was especially pleased when you let him give you cuddles although he thinks you prefer New York Gill! Don’t worry, the trip to France will be over soon and if you’re really good, maybe you can go next time!

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    • Yes, it’s a good thing that the humans choose our carers so carefully! We love Nathan-boy very much but New York Gill has a cat allergy making her our natural number one human! πŸ˜‰ x


  6. That is just a shame that they didn’t take you to France with them. Maybe they were afraid you wouldn’t understand the french talking peeps. But it sure sounds like you are getting good care. You probably don’t want to move here since there are already so many other cats here. You all have a good day.

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  7. B & E……frank lee; we see thiz az a purrfect opp ore tuna tee……ta raiz ten kindz oh ewe noe what at yur place, while girl woman and boy man are gone….

    new york & nathan will assume thiz iz accepted bee haviors on catz partz, for any miss cheef makin that occurz ~~~~~

    partee on at B & E’s….if ewe galz haz de grill, fire it up, we got a cargo load oh surf & turf….see ewe on high tide ~~~~~~~~~~ β™₯β™₯β™₯ πŸ™‚

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  8. Well I never, the nerve of some peeps! We didn’t want to go with mom and dad cause we know them. They’d be going all over and never staying long…like the coppers were after them but going to France for you two would’ve been lovely. I even bought a beret to celebrate and those peeps just left you in someone else’s care. Do whatever you want then. Get up on the counters, scratch the furniture and generally run wild. This will be fun.


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  9. Oh dear I suspected this might happen. Do try and forgive them though, they are after all only human and you must admit (even grudgingly) that they do try. I agree it was a bit “over the top” sending you photos of them looking happy in France but holiday photos are fun to look at. πŸ˜€

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  10. Despicable Humans! Ignore them when they return. Though it is herculean effort, ignore all treats and French cadeaux they will proffer upon their return. Hide in a closet, hide under a bed, hide wherever the hiding is best so that your humans feel bereft of cats. Then, when they have fallen into a guilty, post-trip slumber, let loose an opera of commendation.

    We like “Madame Butterfly” for such occasions, but “Carmen” works, too, depending on your aesthetic preferences and vocal range.

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  11. Dear kitties, first of all, let me join in the sympathies of the other readers for the situation you are in. However, I cannot sympathise too much as your girl and boy human are actually with us and we are selfishly loving their company! All I can say is thank you for sharing them for a little while – we haven’t seen them for so long, and they DO miss you, you know. Only yesterday girl-human commented on the unusual feeling of waking up with no cat on her head! See, she misses you and I am sure there will be a Shetland pony in the car for you when they return xxx πŸ™‚

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  12. Ummm… Why do you need a pony? Inquiring minds wanna know.


    PS. I’m thinking your peeps are faking it. All those fun-loving smiling posts from France, I mean. I bet that really and truly deep down, they’re missing you to bits. purrs

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