A Week of Trouble

Good morning friends and happy weekend!

It’s been a slightly troublesome week this week although none of it was our fault.

Firstly girl-woman’s phone kept getting knocked to the floor. No matter where she put it this week it somehow ended up on the floor. We don’t know anything about it but the humans are blaming us as usual!

Most unfair but then that’s humans for you! 

Next there was an issue with boy-man’s snack bag where we may have had some involvement.

He enjoys taking bags of pistachios to work to snack on and he leaves these bags out on the kitchen side. Well we are sorry boy-man but kittens like pistachios too! 

If you’re going to leave your snacks lying about then we will just have to play with them. The humans really only have themselves to blame for this one.

Finally, this morning was bed washing day and the humans have this stupid rule about us not playing on the bed when it has no linen on it. 

It wasn’t my fault that the only place I wanted to play with foil ball was the bed this morning.

They really shouldn’t take it so personally! The naked bed is a great spot to play and our fur sticks all over it really well. 

I shall spend the rest of today giving them my sternest stare in the hope that they learn to live by more reasonable rules but I’m not very hopeful.

The good news this week is that we are apparently all going to France next week to see girl-woman’s mama! 

We have never been to France so are looking forwards to it. 

There’s been no mention of anyone looking after us and after our anger at being left home last time we are pretty sure they’ve learned their lesson! France here we come! 

Love Bella and Esme xxxx


12 thoughts on “A Week of Trouble

  1. Oh boy! A trip to France! Well, you two will make adorable little French mademoiselles for sure – I hope you take a lot of photos so we can see what kind of trouble – oops – I mean FUN – you get into while you’re visiting. As for boy-man’s snack bag….if he leaves it out on the counter, it’s of course FAIR GAME for kitties. Anything that’s out (phones, snacks, etc.) is a toy. It’s a cat rule and your humans need to remember that !!!!

    Love, Sammy

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  2. Your peeps don’t seem to learn that anything left out is yours. I thought they’d take better care of their stuff seeing as you two will take whatever is left out and make garbage out of it so it doesn’t lie about.


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  3. Don’t your silly peeps realize who is in charge there? my goodness you have your paws full with their training but you will get there! How very exciting to go to France. I live in Australia and have always dreamed of visiting France. Also you really do have the most exquisite jewel like eyes.

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  4. Good morning Bella, Esme – WHAT a week you have had! All that blame, it’s a wonder you don’t both have a complex! I loved the stern stare, especially accompanied by the crossed paws – most efficacious 🙂 Now then about France ………… err, hmm, oh never mind, I’m sure girl-woman will tell you soon enough. Stay well and leave boy-humans’ nuts alone 😉 xxx

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