Happy Sunday

Good morning friends! We’ve had a busy few weeks of looking after the humans but Sunday is finally here. Today we can relax, take off our reading glasses, have a lie in and enjoy coffee in bed – happy days!  

Despite our advice, the humans went back to work again after their break and left us to take charge of the apartment.

The weather is warmer now so the windows are open but not quite enough for us to get out of which is annoying.

We can but try! 

We arranged for a window cleaner man to sort the dirty windows out last week and had lots of fun helping him to clean them.

The last good box sadly had to leave us last week so we had a quick final play.

The lid somehow got put on at one point which we weren’t keen on but we eventually escaped again.

We haven’t been in much trouble recently which has been good. There was the small incident where girl-woman left a sun dried tomato out on a plate.

She didn’t think we would be interested but naturally we stole it and flicked it around the sofa and floor for a while. Everyone knows that kittens love sun dried tomatoes!

It was covered in some sort of oil which got smeared over everything and made girl-woman annoyed. We helped to clean it up of course but humans are very easily upset.

Girl-woman’s favourite human friend recently went to New York and brought her a cool gift back but we have claimed it as it has a cool dangly thing which was clearly made for kittens.

We have also claimed the latest box in the house – all boxes are ours of course. 

Girl-woman got some new snow boarding socks (she is always cold) and although the packaging is small I know that with a bit more effort I can get inside!

We hope you all have lovely, relaxing Sundays! Love Bella and Esme xxx


12 thoughts on “Happy Sunday

  1. Hi Girls! I’ve never tried sun-dried tomato but I just bet it’s fun to lick AND push around the floor – with that oil on it I bet it was sliding nice before your girl-woman took it away from you! They just don’t understand about toys do they! Looks like you’re having some fun adventures though with the window washer and the tiny package that was only a TEEEEEENY bit too small……..enjoy your Sunday too!

    Love, Sammy

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  2. Sun dried tomatoes. I don’t think we’d like them. Mom has some but even she doesn’t seem to care for them so we don’t want them.

    You girls did very well…there were no boo boos made by you two so life was pleasant. There is always something to do around the house.


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  3. Hi guys, slippy, slidy things are so much fun! I have added you to my “people who have pets that blog” on my pinterest board. Let me know if you are OK with this. It is purely for fun and kitten promotion. xxx
    I am on pinterest as “gentlestitches.” ❤

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