Kittens Love Board Games!

Good morning friends! Today has been rather troublesome to start with because girl-woman is on holiday and was having one of her stupidly long lie-ins. 

We got bored of this by 8am and decided that we would meow loudly in her ear to tell her what a beautiful day it was outside. 

She got very cross and pushed us off the bed so then we played ‘neck-balance’ which is the game where we try and sleep just on her neck. It’s so much fun and quite challenging as we are pretty big now. We almost both managed to squeeze on but then she started yelling and saying she couldn’t breathe and we were put outside in disgrace. 

To show her we were sorry we scratched and head butted the door until she got up and petted us. She’s still grumpy but everything is fine now.

We’re hoping she has learned her lesson and will get up at half six tomorrow which is our preferred holiday wake up time. 

Yesterday there were no issues as girl-woman got up at an appropriate time and we helped her to sort some boxes for a friend that is moving.

The best thing about yesterday was when we learned a new game though. It’s called sequence and it’s so much fun!

It involves a complicated looking board with cards and counters so we had to watch for quite a long time before we got the hang of it.

It’s actually quite simple though. You just wait your turn and then rush onto the board and steal one of the colored counters. Then the humans say “enough, enough!” And you get put on the floor and have to find your way back to the board.

Once you’re up again you simply wait for your turn once more and then rush onto the board to get more counters!


We managed to steal 3 green counters and 1 blue, thus winning the game! We can definitely recommend it! 

Have lovely days everyone! Love Bella and Esme xxx 


13 thoughts on “Kittens Love Board Games!

  1. I had a sinking feeling when I saw the title said ‘board games’! Purdey loves Trivial Pursuit for the same reason. I hope your normal daily routine has now been re-established! Shocking to hear of the neglect! 😀

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  2. What fun! I was happy to see a post from you two today, as I have the flu and you always cheer me up. Hope you have girl-woman back in line on the wake-up time. Sounds like you are very good coaches.

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  3. I am so impressed with how patient both of you are for waiting your turn ! My kitties were so helpful with the cards in solitaire that I bought a handheld electronic version. But I thoughtfully mute the sound so they can sleep !

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  4. You were put out of the bedroom just because you were challenging each other with the neck game. How rude!! It’s a wonder you two are as clever as you are…for shame on da humoon.
    Board games are almost as much fun as puzzles. I have taken some of mom’s puzzle and hidden it…I figure I chew the pieces to fit into another picture…pretty smart, eh?


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