Bella’s New Bike

Good morning friends! We had fun watching our Dutch hero, Max, race in the Grand Prix yesterday!

He had a pretty good race and came 6th which we were happy with. Any other F1 fans out there!? 

When the humans returned from England they brought two more bikes back with them. Bella has decided that they now have too many and has taken the new blue one for her own.

It’s smaller than the previous one she was learning to ride but she’s getting the hang of it already.

Her balance is perfect so as soon as boy-man has finished fixing it up she’ll be ready to go! 

Have wonderful Mondays! Love Bella and Esme xxx


8 thoughts on “Bella’s New Bike

  1. Bella I think that new blue bike is perfect for you! I hope Boy-Man realizes that you have claimed it! Now that there are FOUR BIKES in your house that means one for each of you right? Looks like you need a special “bike bedroom” for all those bikes though – maybe Boy-Man needs to work on building an extension to the apartment to accommodate them???? Have fun girls…..

    Hugs, Sammy

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