Now we are one…

Good morning friends! It’s been a long time since we wrote as we’ve been very busy with our sleeping schedule and staring out of Windows.

We are now 1 year old and feel very grown up. We did not get the Shetland pony as requested but we did get an awesome new scratching tower!

 It has lots of hiding places inside and is quite good for sleeping on too.

We also got a purple ball of wool which is a delight to play with!

Bella has been learning to ride a bike in her spare time. It’s a challenge as she can’t reach the handle bars but she’s sticking with it and feels confident that she’ll have the hang of it soon.



In other news the humans went away to England and left us home alone. The people looking after us were very nice but we are still fairly angry with the humans for leaving us.

None the less, we decorated the toilet room for their return which went down well.



The humans are naturally very sorry for leaving and have given us tuna, bacon, sausages and other sorry-foods since returning.
We are close to forgiving them now to be honest although there is talk of them going to France soon which is not going to be acceptable! We’ll keep you posted!

Have lovely days. Love Bella and Esme xxx




12 thoughts on “Now we are one…

  1. First of all, I hope you had a super happy FIRST BIRTHDAY girls. My how you’ve grown……and what a grand present you got! That scratching post/hiding spot tower is fabulous and you two should get a whole lot of fun from that. I bet the humans appreciated the toilet room welcome home “gift” with the toilet paper banners and confetti everywhere. Nice touch. Riding a bike is dangerous (just ask girl-woman if you don’t believe me!) so you two be careful with that thing……………….France? Unacceptable for sure!!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. B & E….a most happee furst two ewe both…yur new cat tree total rockz; tho we R sorree bout de hole ponee izzue…hope yur day waz a veree happee one & heerz two a yeer a head filled with happee nezz & health ♫♫♪♫♫♪♥♥♥

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  3. Oh I am sorry but I laughed my head off with the photo of only two tails sticking out. You guys are hilarious! Sorry about the pony but there is always next year and one is not very old.
    i am sorry about the Big Desertion but humans do need to take journeys now again.
    That is a fabulous gift which has fun, comfort and scratching all in one. ❤

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  4. Love those photos, Bella and Esme! Especially of Bella on the bike! 😀 That tower looks awesome – I’m sure you’re having loads of fun in it. Just wondering how much toilet paper you have pulled off the roll by now! I’m glad that Purdey hasn’t yet discovered this!

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  5. Happy Birthday! We’re sorry you didn’t get the pony but that tower is fabulous. We absolutely LOVE the photo of the two of you with your tails sticking out! We never understand why the humans leave us….what could be better than spending time with US?

    The Florida Furkids

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