Gifts That We Would Like

Good morning friends! The pesky toilet roll phantom had visited our house again last night! We were busy tidying up after him when the humans woke up.

The humans were not very grateful for our help and even seemed to think that we were responsible for the mess! 

We left them to clean up and went to bird watch in the bedroom instead.

A black bird keeps sitting in our window tree and we can’t get to him. It’s most frustrating! 

Speaking of blackbirds, it is our birthday on Monday and we will be one year old – hooray! I have given our gift list a great deal of thought and am implanting it into the minds of the humans at every opportunity.


We would like (in order of preference):

1) A Shetland pony

2) A blackbird or a peacock

3) A canoe

4) Two new kitty beds

5) A tuna factory

Can’t wait until they arrive!

Happy Thursday! Love Bella and Esme xxx


11 thoughts on “Gifts That We Would Like

  1. Dear Bella and Esme, how very annoying to be blamed yet again, when you were only trying to assist. Never mind, I am certain that your birthday list will be noted. I think the idea of a peacock is splendid – the scream a lot you know, so you could have great sport in shouting back at them. If no peacock, I’d definitely go with the Shetland Pony – great ideas girls and happy birthday when it arrives 🙂

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  2. How lovely that you ladies are about to turn ONE! I think your birthday wish list is most reasonable and if your humans don’t manage to fulfill your requests, shame on them! After all, turning one is a big event and deserves at least SOMETHING from that list of yours.

    Hugs, Sammy

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  3. You got blamed again? Son of a seacat! Glad you just left the mess for your hu-mans. It’s hard to get rid of paper….I tried eating it once….it tastes terrible and comes right back up. One year old…I feel ancient! Your first birthday is special so you should get everything on your list. I get dibs on a Shetland Pony ride! A canoe for the bathtub would be cool….you could paddle to the middle of the tub and shock your mom. Can’t wait to see what ya gets.


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