Kittens don’t care for races…

Good evening friends! Hope you are having wonderful weeks?! 

Ours started off in a fairly boring way.

The girl-woman ran in some race and we were forced to be in her boring medal photos. We are not interested in humans running and do not want to be photographed with them! 

That said, the medal is really good fun to bat around at 1am in the morning and it makes a really satisfying clunking sound against the mirror! Shame the humans moved it to be honest.

In other, far more interesting news, girl-woman put her coat on the table and we made an awesome den out of it!

Then the highlight of our week was when the humans left a bowl unattended on the side. The bowl had contained cooked beef mince so we were very happy with this!

It’s our birthday soon so we are busy looking for gifts! So far we’ve found this:

Hopefully the humans will buy it for us!

Have a good evening! Lots of love from Bella and Esme xxx


10 thoughts on “Kittens don’t care for races…

  1. Nice of you to give your Girl-Woman a break and allow her to use you as a photo prop to show off her running medal! I also think it was VERY clever of you to make a tent out of her coat – we can come up with such GREAT ideas can’t we? Well of course – we are CATS! I love the sofa and think you should leave the page of the catalog where you found the photo of it in a spot your humans will be sure to see it……….maybe on the toilet seat????

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. I know, peeps get excited over the darndest things. Bet the medal isn’t edible so what good is it? Nevertheless be escited for her….you may get some super treats out of it. Your peeps put meat unattended on the sofa? Holy catnip….what a break…dig in and don’t look up till the meat is gone. That cat sofa is cool beyond belief…hope you get it.


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