The Mystery Toilet Roll Incident

Good morning friends! We hope you are having a fantastic weekend! 

We started our weekend by playing in our new den which is an excellent human-free zone.


Then this morning, there was a small mystery in the living room. Toilet roll appears to have been stolen and then shredded in the night. We don’t know how it happened. Some sort of phantom toilet roll stealer is our guess.

Nor do we know how the kitchen sponge ended up in the living room.


It’s a puzzle but thankfully we are here to help solve it and clean up! Have a wonderful Sunday! 😊
Love Bella and Esme xxxx



10 thoughts on “The Mystery Toilet Roll Incident

  1. My Mom says she recalls many years ago when I was a kitten that there were MANY mysteries to be solved almost every single day. Must be something about trouble following us around when we’re little???? Happy Sunday!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. Good work you guys, Scamp and Squib are mighty proud of these things you know not which they speak. They were caught getting our own toilet roll, and likely sneaking off with mom’s cashmere yarn, and dad’s in the water closet, asking once again, “Why is my towel on the floor, cats?” No answer has been forthcoming;-)

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  3. *GASP*- the Phantom Roll Shredder must be part of an International Gang ! The same thing happens here in Ohio – sometimes even while the paper is still in the plastic wrapper ! Should we alert INTERPOL ?

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  4. Ah yes, that looks familiar. Mr Jim likes to bring us “presents” when he’s been naughty (e.g. eaten all the tea) and a favourite gift of his is a big roll of toilet roll. While this is very cute, it does mean we get tooth marks in it!

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