Still no beds!

Good evening friends! There is unfortunately no change in our bed situation. The humans have still not purchased new kitty beds for us so we are having to take drastic measures.


The humans apparently do not approve of us sleeping on the kitchen towel though.

Nor do they approve of us pulling their bathroom towels off the radiators.

Seems strange that they threw away our beds but don’t like us making new ones! 

Then there was a small amount of trouble caused this week by the candles.

We’ve become quite obsessed with candles but then some wax somehow got onto boy-man’s jacket and we got the blame. We are not sure how it happened! Most unfair! 

In other news, boy-man has started his latest Lego project and we were allowed in for 1 minute to help. It turns out that you can do quite a lot of helping in a minute.


It was a shame he put a time limit on our help as we were getting quite interested in all the bags of goodies!

Apart from sleeping, we haven’t been up to much else. The humans bought a new car but as we are not allowed in it we won’t waste any of our blog talking about it! 

Happy Monday everyone! Love Bella and Esme xx


14 thoughts on “Still no beds!

  1. Still no beds and no small allowances made for that shortcoming by giving you a chance to lie on a soft towel instead???? Well, what can I say – I’m shocked….Towels are quite nice. I bet if your girl-woman and boy-man bought you girls a fleece blankie you’d adopt that as your new bed in NO time. I don’t use my beds anymore – I MUCH prefer fleece. I bet you girls will get to see the inside of the new car from a carrier on the way to a vet visit one of these days!!! I hate being in cars myself. Dad will drive and Mom has me in the backseat to keep me from screaming the whole way to the vet.

    Love, Sammy

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