No More Cat Beds

Good morning friends! 

You may recall that we have been refusing to use any of the expensive cat beds our humans bought us? 

This was because we decided we hated them and would much rather sleep on the radiators or the kitchen counter tops.

The humans have now gone crazy and thrown them away! An unforgivable act! The beds were ours and just because we wouldn’t go near them didn’t give them the right to get rid of them!

We are now sleeping in various uncomfortable looking positions to make them feel guilty and buy new beds!

Terrible behaviour from the humans this week!


11 thoughts on “No More Cat Beds

  1. You poor mistreated girls! Threw away your beds??? Maybe that’s a good sign though – they are paying attention to your needs??? The radiator is nice and warm and comfy…….so things could be worse I suppose. At least you have those and counter tops for good snoozing!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. Oh dear – I hope they gave them to some rescue organization, where the poor kitties might not HAVE cozy boxes and radiators .Not every kitty is as fortunate as you two to have such dedicated minions !

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