Kittens love clean floors!

Good morning friends. It’s been a very clean start to the week here. The humans mopped the whole house yesterday but then said that we weren’t allowed to go anywhere near the wet floors.

Naturally we disagreed and ignored this ridiculous rule.

There’s not much else to report so far really. We’re spending more and more time sleeping on our favourite, yellow, pineapple chair and the humans say it is because we are growing up.

We are almost a year old now and they are planning a surprise birthday present for us. We don’t mind what it is as long as it’s tuna related.

Happy Wednesdays! Love Bella and Esme xxx 


9 thoughts on “Kittens love clean floors!

  1. What? You’re growing up? Don’t let it happen. Remain young at heart girls. Always ignore rules and investigate…this will keep you young. I’m 7 and act like a 1 year old. Mom says I’m immature for my age but who cares, I’m havin’ fun.


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