Bon Weekend! 

Good morning friends! We’ve had a great week of stealing things this week. Girl-woman has started wearing contact lenses again and those little things are so much fun to steal!  

Sometimes we manage to steal them before she even opens them which makes her very cross. So much fun!

We have also taken to stealing the lids from all her hair products and had a very successful morning hunting the lid off the hair mousse yesterday. Bella eventually cornered the tricky fella in the bathroom!


In other news, the humans had tuna salads for lunch one day and we were allowed to lick the bowls and all the juices out of the sink! A great day!


The humans are a little cross that we won’t sleep in our cat beds anymore. The truth is that we have decided we hate them. It’s that simple. We don’t care if they bought us two or how expensive they were. We hate them and will not sleep in them. Instead we sometimes cram onto the radiator next to one of them and this annoys the humans for some reason.


We just prefer the radiator to the actual bed and can’t see why this upsets them so much.

Anyway, have a great day and Bon weekend!

Love from Bella and Esme xxx



8 thoughts on “Bon Weekend! 

  1. Oh boy! Tuna juice is delish. My Mom drains the tuna water out of the can and give it to me in a bowl and I just LOVE it too…….sorry you hate your beds. I’ve NEVER liked sleeping in a cat bed – I much prefer sleeping on a fleece blanket and I think if I had a radiator, I’d like that too! Nice and TOASTY! Happy Weekend girls!

    Love, Sammy

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  2. Don’t let your humans tell you where to sleep young ladies! Humans aren’t as creative as we are. They sleep basically in two places, in their bed and, sometimes, on their couch, and have, maybe, a maximum of 5 different sleeping body positions. Can you imagine such a dull existence? Maybe that’s why humans sleep less than we do–sleeping must be dreadfully boring for them.

    Happy weekend!

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  3. Your humans do not understand that if you sleep on the cat beds they specially bought for you you might be kicked out of the Kitties Union ! Very strict rules !

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  4. You hate your cat beds? We really like ours and sleep in them occasionally. They are great in real cold weather cause they’re snug. In the summer mom has taken to putting them away cause we don’t sleep in them and the two baskets take up the whole chesterfield so visitors have no place to sit. We don’t care if they sit at all but mom seems to. Go figure!


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