Happy Monday!

Good morning friends. It’s another grey day here in The Hague but that won’t stop us from being helpful!

Yesterday boy-man bought a new, expensive memory stick thing. It came with a computer lead that Bella liked the look of.
She chewed it and stole it and there was quite a lot of swearing and trouble before the humans managed to find it again. It is sadly now kept in a drawer where we can’t play with it. 

After that we helped boy-man to fix the girl’s bike. Her head is pretty much fixed up now and she’s cycling to work again. We don’t approve of this as we liked her company in the day times but she insists that work is important.

With the bike fixed we moved on to help him mount their finger training, climbing board. This apparently makes them better at climbing.

They hardly ever let us play on it but we are pretty sure we will get a go tonight! Bella’s going to do her best yowling until they lift her up to have a play. Cats are good climbers too you know!

At the end of the day Bella had a small mishap with some sausage packaging and ended up dressed as 6 Italian style sausages. The humans didn’t get her out as fast as she wanted, they tried but they were laughing a lot for some reason.

Anyway, that was our day! Hope you all have wonderful weeks! Love Bella and Esme xxx



15 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. Bella’s face tells the tale of the “sausage dress” she has on – not a happy girl but it is rather funny!! As for being so helpful – funny how the more we try to be HELPFUL, the more we get into trouble sometimes isn’t it girls?????

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. Hee … one of mine once got a plastic grocery bag caught around her middle (by the handle). VERY hard to catch her to get it off! Esme, if the humans don’t work, you don’t eat or have a warm place to live in! That’s how I explain it to my guys all the time.

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    • Oh wow, that’s really super kind of you! We don’t do the award thing as we are too lazy but we really appreciate you thinking of us and nominating us! Xxx


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