Another Week of Helpfullness 

Good afternoon friends! We have been so busy sunbathing and sleeping recently that there’s been no time to blog!


As per usual we have been helping our humans this week! We helped to cook dinner the other night and they were quite grateful for once which was nice.

It sort of went wrong when we accidentally stole some carrots and then ate some of the chicken they were planning to use though. They made us sit outside after that 😦

We have a fabulous new game we play now called toilet room tag! It involves waiting for a human to go into the toilet room and shut the door. As soon as one of them is inside we meow and yowl loudly and scratch at the door until they let us inside. Once we are inside we then scratch wildly at the door and start meowing all over again until they let us out. Once we are outside we start the process again! It’s great fun! Whoever can go in and out the most times is the winner! 

So far Bella is the winner. She got girl-woman to let her in and out six times the other day! She can be very dramatic when she plays the game and even bites the door frame!

In other news, we have taken a liking to books. Boy-man enjoys to read at night time and we are also enjoying them.

Sometimes we also like to sit on the books he is reading which gets him annoyed.


Apparently reading is awkward when we sit on the books or something.

You know how tricky humans can be! Have lovely evenings friends. Love Bella and Esme xxx


10 thoughts on “Another Week of Helpfullness 

  1. Humans are rather contrary beings……they don’t seem to understand a lot of the things that we do so they must not be all that smart! I think the bathroom game sounds GREAT! Especially eating the doorframe – very nutritious. Carrot and chicken stealing might have got you in trouble BUT you got to go outside for some fresh air right? As for sitting on books – tell your boy-man that you are simply keeping the page warm for him!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. Purdey plays a version of toilet room tag, with the front door (or back door). Especially if it’s raining! Why am I not surprised that Bella won? 🙂 You have such sweet appealing faces! I am sure it must be impossible for your humans not to share their books with you!

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  3. You are two great assistants to the hoomins. Sometimes hoomins can be very slow and not understand where we are coming from…we just have to guide them. I love the tag game and play it every chance I get. Books are awesome. Mom reads to us and dad every night and then gives us treats. We absolutely adore books.

    Love ya gals,


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