Weekend Troubles

Good morning friends! We have decided that sometimes it’s just hard to avoid trouble. Take last night for example. Boy-man’s bottle of wine somehow got knocked over and even though I helped to clean it up we were still in trouble for playing chase around it. 

Then this morning I was in trouble again for refusing to come out of the pan cupboard. 

Sometimes a kitten just needs time with the pots and pans to have a good think. It’s hard to do this with the humans ranting on about germs all the time.
After that Bella was in trouble for trying to share girl-woman’s breakfast banana.

She only wanted a taste and they’re always telling us to share. Looks like it’s going to be a long weekend! 

Have a good one everyone! Xx


11 thoughts on “Weekend Troubles

  1. Wine and bananas 1 you kittens are developing some exotic tastes ! Please tell Boy-Man that red wine is apt to trigger headaches in many people, as he has now learned !

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  2. Haven’t tried playing tag around wine. We do that around mom’s tea but she usually get s up and moves it. A very valuable commodity here. I understand your thinking being enhanced in the pot cupboard, Esme. I used to do my best planning in the dishwasher…when its off, of course. I don’t do that anymore….mom got upset when I went and sat in with the clean dishes. That dang germ thing again.


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