Chairs and Tuna

Good morning friends! Yesterday Bella was in trouble for knocking over girl-woman’s chair and then sticking her tongue out instead of being sorry.

It wasn’t Bella’s fault. She didn’t want girl-woman to sit there anymore and was just making it clear.

After that we were both in trouble for licking tuna out of bowls. Something about germs again.

This wasn’t our fault either. If you put tuna bowls in our area then we have every right!

After this I made an effort to be extra helpful and supervised the cooking of girl-woman’s meatball sauce.

I really am a good cook after all.

Unfortunately girl-woman became ungrateful about my help and put me out of the kitchen for no reason. Just rude!

Hope your humans are more appreciative. Have lovely days. Love Bella and Esme xxx


9 thoughts on “Chairs and Tuna

  1. WOW! It takes some strength to knock over a chair! BRAVO! All those muscles you keep toned up from jumping and leaping come in handy. I think it was nice of you to keep an eye on the meatball sauce too……for some weird reason I love tomato sauces myself. I like to sneak some sauce off Mom’s pizza sometimes. YUM!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. Knocking a chair over is pretty strenuous Bella. You must have muscles in your eyebrows. hehe Esme that sauce looks good and you didn’t even take a sip….good going. I suggest you approach the peeps with a contract and have it verified by a Notacat Public. You’re not wee ones anymore.


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