The Return of Blue Mouse

Good morning friends! Today is an excellent day as we found one of our missing blue mice! It no longer has a tail or eyes but it’s good to be reunited none the less.

Girl-woman celebrated by continuing to clean up the melted wax that still covers most of the toilet room. We were there to help of course and Bella made sure she hung her head low to show how sorry she still feels.

Girl-woman didn’t do a bad job but the wax does seem to have stained much of the room and she says that with the wax plus the curtains we have shredded, there is no way she and boy-man will get their security bond back for the apartment. She seemed quite peeved about the whole thing but to be honest if they’re not going to look after the place they don’t really deserve the bond back. It’s obviously a lesson they need to learn.

We tried to cheer her up by redesigning her trainers. They used to have orange ‘DC’ labels on the front of each one but we improved them by biting most of the right shoe’s label off. 

Girl-woman did not seem to appreciate this improvement though and the trainers were placed in the spare room of no admittance along with all the clothes. Shame.

Lots of love, Bella and Esme xxx



12 thoughts on “The Return of Blue Mouse

  1. Hello kitties, I really cannot see how the humans could possibly manage without all the help you give to them. I think it is churlish of girl-woman to spurn your help in the bathroom – not at all appreciative! As for the trainers – I like them. Ask her about the ones I once threw on the fire šŸ™‚

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  2. Peeps are so picky girls. Really. they are odd! You have gone out of your way to help them and this is the thanks you get. Just wait til they leave the door open on the spare room. Great fun. The curtains in the bathroom just have some designer markings….your curtains are unique.


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  3. I was going to say that Blue Mouse would glad to see you but unfortunately that won’t happen! I can see that Bella is looking down, but it looks to me as if she’s dreaming up more mischief, to do with the water or the sponge. As a previous reader has already said, it’s a good job you’re so adorable! šŸ™‚

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  4. Too bad about the wax stains BUTTT I bet some kind of bleach product would get rid of them……maybe…..if not, well, chalk it up to “lessons learned” about lit candles and kittens combined! EEEEK! I think your girl-woman’s trainers look BETTER without the orange blob on front. I say go for that other one and remove it ASAP. Then they will be “balanced” again!

    Hugs, Sammy

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