Bella’s Day of Trouble

Good afternoon friends! On Friday we didn’t want girl-woman to go to work so we sat on her coat as protest and so began Bella’s day of trouble.

It would have been fine except that she decided to try to cram her whole body down the arm sleeve of the coat.

Girl-woman tried moving the coat to get her out but it didn’t really work.

In fact it just helped her to wiggle further down the arm. In the end Bella got well and truly stuck down the arm of the coat and it took girl-woman quite some time to free her.

Poor Bella. She made girl-woman late and got into trouble 😦

Later that evening she managed to get into more trouble although it wasn’t really her fault. The humans like to leave candles burning everywhere and Bella though she would experiment with dipping her paw into one of them. The result was rather impressive.

Hot candle wax all over the toilet room!

Bella was very sorry but the humans were quite cross about the whole thing and boy-man says no more candles in the toilet room anymore!

The wax is now pretty much out of her fur but she still likes candles and is now focusing on the living room ones. 

Happy weekend! Bella and Esme xxx


9 thoughts on “Bella’s Day of Trouble

  1. Oh Bella! Candles are EVER so dangerous….hot wax, flames, not good for kitties in ANY way other than they are rather fun to watch! It’s good you suffered no serious injury other than getting into trouble though…….as for going down girl-woman’s coat arm, VERY CLEVER of you – that is a most fun and warm “tunnel” – if you girls don’t already have a tunnel to play in, it might be a good idea to transfer your tunnel love from girl-woman’s coat to a REAL kitty tunnel!!!!!!

    Love, Sammy

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  2. Oh my goodness! That wax looks like some awful accident! Esme and Bella, you need full-time minders / entertainers / nannies / lion-tamers. I would be scared to go out of the house and leave you there! Burrowing down sleeves isn’t the best idea as they do tend to get narrower, no matter how cosy they are. I guess girl-woman could have taken Bella to work with her! Although I daren’t think of the result! 🙂

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  3. Bella, you had quite the day. I never tried going down the arm of mom’s coat but it sounds like fun. I must try it,,,,it looks so dark down there. To bad girl-woman was late but you had to squeeze out again and these things take time.

    As for the bathroom and candle….MOL Good going Bella. You managed to get hot wax all over the place and even on you….that must have hurt. I have stuck my paw in the flame and that is a an owwww and I won’t try it again. I pretty much ignore candles now. Although mom is always in the room when the candles are burning, just in case I try one of my more daring capers.

    Nose Rubs,


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