New Mice and Old Treasures!

Good morning friends! We had a bad start to this week with girl-woman starting her phased return to work. We were hoping that the head injury thing would mean she could always be with us but alas, it is not so. We helped her to get ready of course and decorated her new work jumper with lovely scratches before she put it on. 

We are sad to be alone again, even if it is only two hours at a time and will await her return each day from our favourite viewing post.

In other news, girl-woman got us a ‘sorry for leaving you’ present in the form of some new mice from her friend at work. These mice are truly amazing!

We loved the new mice so much that we lost them almost immediately. The humans tried to help us find them by lifting up our chair and although we didn’t find a mouse there were loads of old treasures there! 

It was great to be reunited! Baubles, pencil, lip sil, memory stick and mini thermometer were all there! It was great fun! 

Girl-woman is not at work today so we are demanding lots of attention before she abandons us tomorrow. Have happy Thursdays! 

Love Bella and Esme xxx


7 thoughts on “New Mice and Old Treasures!

  1. YAY! New mousies AND old toys found……….isn’t that fun? It’s easy to lose stuff under furniture so I suggest you get girl-woman or boy-man to regularly lift the furniture up and retrieve all the FUN stuff you lose when you play. It’s almost like getting a NEW toy when you find an OLD one!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. Now those are classy mice….smothered with the nip! Old toys are a walk down memory land till we lose them again and that usually takes less than an hour. I have a pitiful cry when I want to get through to mom, the cry is low and long. She usually gives in but sometimes she smothers me with kisses…I’d rather not have the kisses.


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