Kitten Yoga

Good evening friends. We’ve had a very gentle start to the new year and haven’t much to report on. The humans went shopping and we helped to unpack as per usual.

Boy-man stupidly left his new glass decanter on the kitchen side though and it somehow got smashed whilst we helped to unpack. They didn’t photograph that part though which was a shame as it was an impressive breakage! We were in trouble for a while afterwards and the humans reinstated the ‘no kittens on the kitchen side’ rule for the fifth time.

Other than that we’ve mainly just been sleeping and trying to ignore the humans when they get too close with their constant photography of us.

The thing we are really enjoying this new year is yoga! The humans have their new bedroom furniture all set up now and have created a yoga space for girl-woman. We love to join in with her and often refuse to leave the mat once it’s down!

Here’s Bella doing her ‘down cat’ stretch while I focus on my evening meditation. It’s really perfect for the two of us and only becomes crowded when girl-woman joins in to be honest.

Have a lovely evening all. Namaste. Bella and Esme xxx


6 thoughts on “Kitten Yoga

  1. Wow, boy-man is a wee bit silly leaving his decanter on the side in the kitchen. He won’t do that again. So you two were kicked off the side for being mischievous….well we know that won’t last. hehe

    Yoga does look like fun. Mom has a yoga mat but hasn’t used it in awhile. So we do our yoga on our condo or mom’s bed. Mom tries to copy us but her Downward Pointing Cat is very poor…..she needs lotsa practice.


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    • I know right!? Really we have taught him a valuable lesson about where to place glass items. Humans are never as good as us cats with the yoga ! Xx


  2. Uhoh on the glass decanter BUT really – boy-man should know by now that if it’s something you can REACH (and everything is reachable when you’re a kitten!), it has a chance of being thrown on the floor (accidentally of course). Oh well……..glad you’re taking up yoga – cats are EVER so good at stretching!

    Love, Sammy

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