Christmas Fun

Good morning friends! 🙂 

So Christmas was fun! Hope everyone else had good days also!? 

The first brilliant thing about Christmas morning was when the humans pulled the sofa forward to be nearer to the Christmas tree. This revealed all our lost treasures underneath!

Christmas baubles, a hair bobble, a particularly nice card that we stole a while back, a pencil, a key and other small tads of fun. It was great to be reunited with it all! 

After this the humans opened all their presents and we helped – so much fun! 


We got some new posh kitty bowls to eat from and some new jingly balls which we have managed to lose already. 


Our best gift by far though were the green lights we got from our ever sparkly grandma! We have added them to our fort and it’s really taken it to a whole new level.



A great day! Lots of love from Bella and Esme xxx


8 thoughts on “Christmas Fun

  1. Oh WOW girls – love the addition of the green lights to the fort complex. It’s getting to be a real “Kitty City” now complete with lighting. Glad you got some goodies from Santa Paws. You even had BONUS GIFTS when the couch got moved and you rediscovered all the lost toys! YAY!

    Love, Sammy

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