Night Time Troubles…

Good morning friends and happy Christmas Eve! 

Boy-man is already out shopping but girl-woman is still sleepy after last night’s issue with Bella. There have been nightly incidents with Bella for the last 3 nights now. Here’s how it goes from about 2am:

Bella: Meow, meow, meow

Girl: (checks bed and finds me there) Bella? Are you ok? Where are you?

Bella: Meow, meow

Girl: Bella? Are you pretending to be hurt again?

Bella: (like she’s in pain) Meeeeow

Girl: Bella I know there’s nothing wrong, I’m not getting up unless you’re actually hurt or stuck or something!

Bella: (starts scratching random furniture so it sounds like she’s stuck somewhere) Meeeeow

Boy: Snore, snore, snore

Girl: Bella, I know there’s nothing wrong and I’ll be really cross if I come get you and you’re fine!

Bella: (like she’s dying) Meeeeow!

Girl: Ok, Ok I’m coming! (goes to get Bella who is sitting happily in the bathroom sink. Picks her up, brings her to the bedroom and puts her on the bed)

Bella: Purr, purr, purr

Girl: Bella that’s really naughty! You are perfectly able to manage the 3 meters from the bathroom to here all by yourself! You can’t expect me to keep carrying you through!

Bella: Fast asleep 

Girl: Well I’m definitely not coming to get you tomorrow! 

And that’s how it’s been happening for the last few nights! Bella has gotten into the habbit of meowing when she wants carrying to the bed and girl-woman always goes to get her! I’m sure tonight will be the same! 

In other news our fort is developing nicely:

We now have a jail room:

Sometimes we don’t remember to exit using the door though!

We also have a throne room (guarded by Mr Prawn and Dragon) which is my area.


Yes, it’s coming along nicely now and the humans have promised us more boxes for it tomorrow! We are planning on adding a snack room as Sammy suggested! It’s going to be great! 

Have good days everyone! Love Bella and Esme xxx


9 thoughts on “Night Time Troubles…

  1. Bella, you are one naughty little girl! Attention seeking, is what it’s called! Sitting in the bathroom sink, my goodness. How will Santa Claus be able to visit your house if you’re sitting in the sink? (Can’t explain the logic, but it makes sense to me!) Love your throne room and fortress. Can’t wait to hear what else you add to your suite of properties! Happy Christmas wishes to you both, and to your human-people! πŸ™‚

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  2. Bella I try little tricks like that with my Mom, even after all these years! Sometimes at about 1AM I’ll call her from the bottom of the stairs…..she USED to think that meant that I needed her to come downstairs because I’ve been sick on the carpet (eeeeek)….because sometimes I really HAD. But now I just do it for fun……she doesn’t know if it’s for real or not so she always gets up and comes downstairs. I’ll just curl up on my fleece blankie and go to sleep while she goes back upstairs to her room and TRIES to go back to sleep……tee heeeeeeeeee…….it’s a fun game but Mom doesn’t seem to think so. Humans are SO WEIRD. Can’t wait to see the “SNACK SHACK” part of your kingdom! Oh – MERRY CHRISTMAS GIRLS – I hope Santa comes tonight and brings you lots of fun stuff……………

    Love, Sammy

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  3. MOL Ellie does something with Dad too….she gets on his pillow and keeps moving over until Dad’s head is hanging off the pillow and Ellie is comfy in the middle. This has been going on for about 3 weeks!!!

    We love your fort!

    Happy Christmas Eve!

    The Florida Furkids

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