Parcel Fun

Good evening friends! 😊

Today has been a busy one! Parcels of Christmas fun keep arriving at the door which is exciting. We love to help open them although girl-woman gets stressed when we try to bite the scissors.

This one contained some alcohol free wine which the humans are already enjoying tonight! 

After helping with the box opening we moved on to help boy-man with his mirror hanging task.
We supported him at every second but he was his usual ungrateful self. Sigh, we can only but try. The mirrors look quite good although that mirror cat seems to be back again which is annoying. 😦 

The good thing about all the parcels is that we now have new material to add to our fort!

We haven’t finished yet but we’re planning a jail and a throne room next! 

3 sleeps until our first Christmas now – eek!  Have a good evening friends. Love Bella and Esme xxx


7 thoughts on “Parcel Fun

  1. Ah ha! How very helpful you ALWAYS are no matter what project is going on in your house. Looks to me like you’re going to have a “Christmas Village” before long if you’re adding a jail and throne room! Don’t forget a treat shop!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. We know that you are in,a different time zone, young ladies, but it is much more than three sleeps until Catsmas! Think about it: you have your early morning sleep after the humans have left the bed nicely warmed for you, your midmorning sleep after a round of play and or/kibble, your discretionary nap in your gorgeous fort, your requisite long afternoon siesta, and your pretend late night sleep to lull your humans into a false sense of security before you tear around the home like a pair of furry banshees. By our count, that is a minimum of 5 sleeps per day. 5 sleeps * 2 days to Catsmas + 1 pretend night sleep = 11 sleeps until Catsmas. Sorry girls! The sleeps will go by faster than you think, though. Santa Claws will be there in no time with many, many Catsmas gifts in recognition of your helpfulness throughout the year.

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