Christmas Fort!

Good morning friends! The good news from yesterday is that only one new rule got created: ‘No kittens in the tumble dryer’ 

A little irksome as I was only trying to help and all those freshly washed and dried clothes smell lovely! Anyway, it’s apparently a no no so I shall try and resist.

The really good news from yesterday is that Bella got a whole cardboard tube to herself.

She’s a very happy kitty now!

The really super, amazing news from yesterday though is our Christmas fort! We read a great blog from Bad Cat Chris yesterday which showed off his new fort and we decided that we had to have one too! 

Ours only has one layer at the moment but we intend to add to it soon!

The humans have given up with trying to protect the tree now and have let us have our fort right next door which is perfect!

We have many plans for playing today so we’d best get going! Have wonderful days friends! 

Love Bella and Esme xxx


14 thoughts on “Christmas Fort!

  1. WOW! Your very own fort! We saw Chris’ fort yesterday too and thought it was quite a nice structure…….your humans did a fine job making one for you girls and it’s right next door to the TREE OF FUN…….life is good……..

    Hugs, Sammy

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