Kitchen Trouble

Good morning everyone! After all the tasty fun we had on the kitchen side yesterday we decided to spend more time there today. Unfortunately, it somehow got us into trouble again.

To begin with, boy-man had ground up some salt which I thought I would help him with once he’d left the room.

It turns out that he didn’t want my help though and was very cross about “germs”. He came in waving his arms around crossly so I ran across the side. This put salty paw prints everywhere and made him even crosser!

Girl-woman on the other paw, thought it was hilarious and helpfully took photos. 

After this, boy-man created his most terrible rule yet: No kittens on the kitchen side! A ridiculous and most unfair rule which we think we vaguely remember from a few months ago. 

Anyway, we tried to follow it for a few seconds to please him but he got the chopping board out and we just can’t resist it!

It really is a most pleasing place to sit. 
Unfortunately, the bread board sitting reminded boy-man of his new rule and we were both removed from the kitchen. Sad times. 

I’m back in again now of course but I’m going to stay away from those germ areas which he gets so cross about. I think I shall just spend a while resting with his Christmas breads.

Have good weekends everyone!

Love Bella and Esme xxx


7 thoughts on “Kitchen Trouble

  1. Rules, rules, rules…..humans DO like to make rules and they seem to make them up as they go along!!! I kind of think that rules were made to be broken (or maybe stretched a bit!). I think you were being most helpful with the salt but boy-man and his “germaphobia” didn’t think so I suppose. You girls are so cute I should think you can get away with a whole lot of things…..tee hee.

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. Poor babies! I must say you have the knack of getting into everything, though. Even Purdey isn’t that interested in salt. She does like a little lick of butter though, if it’s left out on the side. I’m sure you’ll be forgiven over Christmas! There will be plenty of opportunities, too. Here’s an idea: one of you can distract the people-humans by batting the baubles on the tree, while the other makes a bee-line for the kitchen. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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  3. The rule to stay off the side won’t last…specially when you get bigger. You can tell because man-boy made this rule before and it went the way of the crank car. I think you girls were very helpful and should have been praised but I get in heck for things too….they should be delighted I want to help. Geesh!


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