Bath Towel Trouble

Good evening friends! 

After the tea towel sleeping incident of Wednesday we have been on our very best behaviour all week. 

Unfortunately though, a bath towel somehow got accidentally clawed down off its shelf today and landed right where we wanted to sleep. How we laughed at this happy coincidence! 


Girl-woman came in as we were giggling and got a bit cross about ‘all the extra washing we caused’ and ‘electricity bills’ and other such boring things that we have no interest in. We were sorry to have vexed her though so we resumed our most excellent behaviour for the afternoon. 

She rewarded us by leaving the lid off some of boy-man’s famous bolagnaise sauce. It turns out he really is a fine cook!


It was so tasty that I just had to dive in!


Girl-woman stopped taking photos at this point and decided that we had had enough 😦 She then got cross with the pasta sauce paw prints that were following me and I was put in the sink and told to think about what I’d done. 

I hung my head in shame and put on my best sad-and-sorry face. I also let her wash my paws. It wasn’t so bad though and well worth all that tasty bolagnaise I ate! Good cooking boy-man! 

Bella and Esme xxx


12 thoughts on “Bath Towel Trouble

  1. Sometimes my kitties take a time out in the sink. And sometimes they pee there. So it is kind of a toss-up. Also, one of the faucets leaks just enough to provide a good water source without running the well dry.

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  2. What an excellent day!! First a cuddley bath towel jumps on the floor and then some tasty chow….sauces are yummy, unless our dad makes them…ugh, he adds odd things to them like the whole canister of flour or he just burns them…….either way no one wants them. This was a day well worth a paw washing.


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