Tea Towel Trouble

Good morning friends. Today I have been in trouble for sleeping on the freshly washed tea towels. 

Apparently this is not allowed and has something to do with those germs that boy-man is so worried about. 


In my defense, the humans do insist upon placing the tea towels on one of my favourite beds!
I think I shall have to ask Santa for a tea towel of my very own.

Esme xxx


12 thoughts on “Tea Towel Trouble

  1. Wow, those humans of yours are real stinkers….so picky, really. They have their nerve putting those tea towels on your napping spot and then wondering why you slept on them. Duh! C’mon peeps get your act together and act accordingly. Don’t be so cheap and use the dryer….it makes your clothes soft and cuddly anyway.


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  2. Looks like a gift to us since they put them on you since they were placed where you like to nap. We think that is great. And by all means, Santa should bring you a tea towel of your own.

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